Screencast: Zeitgeist Development – Part I

This is the first episode of my very first screencast series on “Zeitgeist Development”. It’s about writing a simple extension which helps me to analyse memory consumption of the daemon.

Let’s have a quick look at both files created as part of the extension:

import dbus
import dbus.service
import tempfile

from meliae import scanner

from _zeitgeist.engine.extension import Extension
from _zeitgeist.engine import constants

PATH = "/org/gnome/zeitgeist/memory_profiler"

class MemoryProfiler(Extension, dbus.service.Object):
    def __init__(self, engine):
        Extension.__init__(self, engine)
            self, dbus.SessionBus(), PATH
    @dbus.service.method(constants.DBUS_INTERFACE, out_signature="s")
    def MakeSnapShot(self):
        filename = tempfile.mktemp(suffix=".json")
        return filename

from distutils.core import setup

        ("share/zeitgeist/extensions", ["",]),

That’s it for the first episode, next video will be on analysing the data we get from meliae.

Update: uploaded a new version, with hopefully less blur and better quality, still learning how to use youtube.

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